Say goodbye to ratchet gadget

Smartphone has become an integral part of our lives. [In Indonesia alone, smartphone users account up to 47.6 per cent]( which means half of the population own and use smartphones on a regular basis. In this increasingly gig economy, our dependence for smartphones cannot be denied. We use them to order our rides to and fro places to shop for groceries, point us in the right direction, talk to our friends and families and not forgetting selfies.

It is important to get gadget protection to protect your smartphone from harm’s way.

Qoala offers the ultimate gadget protection that covers cracked phone screen, physical and water damage. Your damaged phone will be repaired at authorised service centre with 100% original spare parts. Claim is easy, done digitally and we promise the safe return of your gadget in seven working days, in its best form yet.

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